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Differences Between Prostitution and Escort Services

Differentiating Prostitution and Escort Services

Although prostitution and escorting are similar businesses, there are some distinct differences. Recognizing these distinctions can help you avoid legal misunderstandings or criminal charges that could arise as a result of engaging in either activity.

  1. A prostitute is a person who provides sexual services in exchange for money, either on the street or through the internet. They may charge as little as an hour’s worth of services or up to one night’s accommodation.

An escort, on the other hand, is someone who provides companionship in exchange for money. They may attend parties, business functions or luxury hotels to spend time with their customers.

  1. They possess the necessary training and education to cater to the demands of high society clients.

In most cases, escorts arrive with impeccable grooming, knowledge of social etiquette for such events, and a professional approach to their work.

  1. They can be hired for either sexual services or companionship, depending on the client’s requirements.

Escorts can also be hired for special events like dinners, concerts or business functions. This gives them a chance to have a relaxing evening without worrying about paying for sex; often, their fees exceed a night’s stay at a brothel or hotel.

  1. Prostitutes can follow their client’s itineraries and accompany them on trips.

In contrast, prostitutes do not provide such services.

  1. They are well-groomed and appear to belong in high society.

In most countries, escorts wear stylish, sophisticated attire that fits with the high-class society.

Escorts, unlike prostitutes living on the streets, are trained to look like well-bred women of society. They possess a glamorous appearance and are highly sought-after.

  1. Prostitutes provide essential services to their customers, especially the elderly and handicapped.

In many societies, prostitutes feel they are providing an essential service for those they patronize; some even feel they provide companionship for those who pay them.

7. They offer their clients the intimacy they desire.

Sexual exploitation of women reflects a broader cultural tendency to view women as mere “sex objects,” existing solely for men’s pleasure and value based on physical appearance alone. This type of treatment is deeply embedded into the culture in patriarchal societies.

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