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Where to spend an unforgettable vacation with prostitutes?

There are countries on the map of the world where the intimate industry occupies an important place for the local economy, because thanks to it thousands of tourists come here, leaving behind millions of dollars of profit. These resorts are oriented on sex tourists, so the best individuals work here, and the government looks through its fingers at erotic activity. Our editorial staff has studied the reviews of grateful tourists who have already enjoyed the available variety, and selected several top countries with professional sex services.

Five countries with skillful putas

If a guy or girl travels with the purpose of knowing sexual pleasure from a new angle, do not go on vacation at random, because there are five countries where individuals will definitely be able to surprise and please the client:

  1. Brazil. Brazilian carnivals are known far beyond the country, but local prostitutes are a little less promoted. And for nothing, because these ladies have an attractive Latin appearance with lush forms, passionate character and desire to please a man in any way. And although prostitution is officially prohibited by the government, this does not affect the desire of local beauties to establish close bodily contact with a foreigner. The cost of an hour in the company of a putana starts at a mark of 20 dollars, but during carnivals and festivals accommodating Brazilian women can please the tourist for free.
  2. Argentina. In this country there is also no official ero-segment, so prostitution is entirely related to the shadow economy. However, even so the state benefits from the activities of prostitutes, because they attract tourists from near and far abroad to Argentina, who in addition to paying for sex services spend a lot of money on food, accommodation and classic entertainment. And even Argentine sex dating sites like AR.PANDER.PRO operate without regard for the police and are largely oriented towards foreign customers.
  3. Holland. Even those who are not interested in paid intimate services know about affordable and legal prostitution in the Netherlands, and it is not surprising, because the country is recognized as the center of world sexual freedom. Even sex tourists with unconventional preferences will find an individual to their taste here, because in major cities there are a lot of thematic establishments and narrow-profile putanas, with whom you can try a variety of intimate pleasures. However, you will have to pay for such quality at European rates.
  4. Mexico. Like in the Netherlands, in Mexico prostitutes work legally, which means that you can enjoy their company in any corner of the country. Girls get acquainted with foreigners in bars, clubs and beaches, they are not shy to approach even during walks in the city center. But experts do not advise you to contact the first Mexican, so as not to run into a scammer. It is more reliable to use specialized escort agencies or rent ladies over the Internet. For example, prostitutes in Cancun on Pander put in the public domain frank profiles with real photos and contacts.
  5. Hungary. Few people know that this European country is considered the world center of the porn industry, respectively, and compliant prostitutes there are many. Therefore, connoisseurs of adult films come to the country to meet their favorite movie star, as well as to spend an unforgettable night with her for a fee. And for the average sex tourist, there is always the possibility of meeting traditional individual women who offer classic sex services in most resort centers and entertainment venues.

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